Sunday, October 14, 2012

Inspired by Brigid

I spent the last week in a small pine cabin somewhere in rural Pennsylvania.  I was attending a writing workshop with an emphasis on storytelling through verse, so it's no wonder I started thinking about Brigid.

One of the first goddesses I ever discovered, Brigid has long held a powerful place in my heart.  I'm a poet, a dreamer, a fire-keeper, and this Celtic goddess-turned-saint really speaks to me.

Brigid (some people pronounce her name "Bride", and there are infinite spellings) is a triple goddess: she embodies maiden, mother, and crone aspects, and she's the patron of poets and smiths.  She's also associated with newborn lambs, and her feast day of Imbolc/Candlemass honors the first glimpse of spring.

Even though the mountains of Pennsylvania were caught in the depths of a beautiful fall while I was there, Brigid was on my mind.  The group of passionate poets (nineteen talented women) gathered around a roaring fire each night to sip wine and swap stories, and each morning, the scent of wet pine and woodsmoke filled the air.

The inspiration I found there is still working its way through me, and I am so thankful to have had this one beautiful week to set my worries and my reality aside and immerse myself in poetry.  There is no better way to honor Brigid then by honoring your own creative flame.

What creativity waits in you?  How do you honor Brigid?

Blessed be! 

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