Devotional Poetry


I want to devour the moon
in one gulp,
let the liquid luminescence
seep through my pores,
soak up the silver strength
and seamless beauty
that is she, the moon,
and me.

LUNA First published in The Storyteller, March 2011, Volume 16, Issue 1
People's Choice: 3rd Place

Walk the Path
Follow her footsteps
as she dances across the field
alive and young
joyous and free

Follow her footsteps
as she begins her first
sudden descent
into the dark chasm with her lord

Follow her footsteps
across the cavernous throne room
to the dais with the twin thrones
as she accepts her crown

Follow her footsteps
back into the light
into the arms of her mother
waiting above ground

Follow her footsteps
as she begins her descent
from light to darkness
and back again

WALK THE PATH first published in Queen of the Sacred Way, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, ed. Melitta Benu, 2012.


Lady of the Sacred Flame 
Hearth and home, faith and family
keeper of the burning light
sacred Maiden Mother Crone

To You we raise our hearts in praise
fill us with your joyous flame.
Hestia, Vesta, beautiful Lady
may your Light be with us
through the dark days.

 BLESSING first published in Unto Herself, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, ed. Ashley Horn, 2012.

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