Monday, November 12, 2012

Goddess Tarot: Card of the Week

My tarot deck of choice is still the first deck I ever bought: Kris Waldherr's Goddess Tarot.  I love these familiar cards, but there's always more to learn, even after over a decade spent working with this beautiful deck. 

I've decided to post a card of the week, drawing randomly from my deck each Monday and letting the message of the card marinate as I move about my busy life.

Today's card is:

Card: Ten of Pentacles
Deck: The Goddess Tarot
Artist: Kris Waldherr

Like all the pentacles, this is a card of prosperity and abundance.  It indicates the culmination or end of a creative project, and is a positive, joyful card of successful expansion.  This is a card that represents fulfilled desires, realized plans, and completed projects.

I laughed when I drew this card.  I just finished a draft of my next big creative project; literally, I wrapped it up moments before pulling this card.  I'm still enjoying the sense of fulfillment that comes from working on a long-term project that is one step closer to being realized.  This week, I'm going to try to stay focused on the positive message of the Ten of Pentacles and remind myself: I can do it!  The end is in sight.

What does the ten of pentacles mean to you?
Namaste and blessed be!


  1. awesome idea! I look forward to it! also, I've never seen that book before. Did it come with your deck or did you buy it separate? My little paper book that came with my deck is falling apart. hahah

    1. I lost the little book that came with the deck ages ago, so I bought this book. It's the same information as the small book, plus more spreads and illustrations. :)